Monday, January 3, 2011

shoes, booze, and tattoos!

there are many vintage reproduction pieces that i will not venture towards; many dresses made in chinsy cotton or spandex type material are not supportive or strong enough to last and keep it's shape. this is why i enjoy vintage clothing so much- original pieces circa 50's-60's are built to last, while tucking you in and pushing you out giving a woman such a beautiful and intoxicating shape. with stockings, i would have to say that i much prefer to use repoduction seamed stockings made with nylon. they stretch and last very long, given that the owner takes necessary care of them. the stockings of old are unforgiving and tear much too easily for my taste. when it comes down to shoes- i used to be very set on vintage shoes if a lady wants to get all dolled up in the pin up fashion; But i've been swayed of my opinion lately. upon my search for vintage reproduction shoes i am delighted in my findings- and upon further investigation of comments and researching materials these shoes have been constructed with i am excited to say they are trustworthy for some thourugh tromping around.


cheetah cheetah bang

on a wing and a pair (aka the chocolate strawberry shoe)

wind beneath your wingtips (aka the toffee and cream shoe)

the soft serve heel

if you're looking for more a more sassy kind of stomper, trot down to

satin holiday heel

satin holiday heel in brown

rose-slip shoe

satin pump with chiffon flower heel

patent peep toe platform in mint
although some are more expensive than others, they're worth their weight in style and reliability. from what i could tell with the comments left from proud owners, these picks are worth their licks.

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