Friday, December 17, 2010

Chicks with Tattoos

we live in a day and age where to be surprised, tattooed women is still kinda scandalous. even in a place like this humboldt county where trustafarian paris hilton babes sport skinny dreads down to her booty. and even dudes tromp around in kilts, skirts and drag. awesome. but seems not as much of a zinger than a lady donning some ink. sure sure sure i know it's not all clean cut and conservative like people expect in a working environment. that's cool, so if you get visible tattoos, then be aware that you'll have to cover them up or get over the idea of a desk job or selling insurance. just sayin, most chicks and fellas i know who have tattoos aren't interested in that job field anyway. in my opinion the sleeves are way awesome on a lady, and to be fully honest i really am particular, and a little snobby about what kind of tattoos people choose to be their full sleeve or whatever. if you want the look or whatever you're looking for, please get a collection of images that mean something to you, and not just a bunch of windbars, or a giant icecream cone or that shit. not that i will give someone shit about their giant icecream cone tattoo, but i'll expect a damn good story behind it.
So! on with the point of the post- True FACT: chicks with tattoos are super hot. here's some eye candy...

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