Monday, January 3, 2011

Everybody loves Dean Martin

Oh what a lovely character. i've been drooling for a set of the Dean Martin Show. this man is not only so incredibly entertaining with one of the most extensive guest spots on his show than most others. But also, so talented, so hansome, such a sweetheart, and one of the greatest american icons in my opinion. if you don't know much about the Dean Martin show, here's a brief- Dean Martin is the lead host of a variety show that extended through 9 seasons, beginning in 1965-1974. His show aired on NBC every Thursday night at 10:00. His act was hilarious, as he would play a drunken, silly, "playboy". although it is reported that the glass he often held was filled with apple juice. hahaha
i love the man, i think he did an incredible job, as what drew me to this show was the charm of all characters acting candidly, working with mistakes and missed lines. enjoy one of my dear favorite songs he performed:

Everybody Loves Somebody

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