Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's getting colder...

It's getting colder and these times of the year hold very sentimental memories for me. mostly because every school year was basically cloudy days and a freeze that sets in right after Halloween here. me and my friends would run to cover at lunch times to giggle and smoke nat shermans or lucky strikes, and drink tea or coffee and munch on pesto cheese bread from wildberries (amazing stuff that pesto cheese bread is). these days i have a feeling like i have so much that's going to happen, but right around the corner......... because there is!

           That's right everyone. i have signed up to become an Avon Representative! i will be getting my starter supplies tomarrow, and i am so excited! i have been a long time lover of Avon makeup and beauty supplies and i hope that i can effectively share my love and loyalty to their rad products to women and old ladies everywhere!
       Also! i have created an Etsy profile. i don't have a shop yet, but stay tuned, because i have lots of dare i say, adorable and incredible things i want to sell and share with everyone. i've become increasingly interested in knitting lately (probably due to the decreasing temperature). i used to knit and crochet a lot, because my grandmother supplied me with such a cornucopia of needles and yarn i didn't even know what to do with. it was everywhere and i was a very unorganized type of child, so naturally the knitting was equally as unorganized. unfortunately when i had one of my cleaning frenzies i donated all my yarn and threads and wrote off the craft like i didn't care. but i truely do care, especially because everyone loves homemade scarves, hats, mittens and socks, am i right?                                                                            
maybe not.

but really, i am enthralled my yarn! there is so much you can do and make and create! it's incredible!  i was adventuring through etsy and found this lovely girl, an she has inspired me.

i don't have the moxy to make a bacon and eggs scarf, but i have made a cupcake before and there are sooooooo cute and fun!!! i have posted her blog link below. enjoy!  

Happy Holidays!

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  1. in regards to Avon, if anyone is interested in buying products from me, i will let you know when i'm available to do so. i have training to do first. so stay tuned and i will let you know asap!